Winston Churchill on Courage

Clouds and SkySuccess is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts
Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill said these true words about persistence and optimism.  Everyone fails at some point or another in life, and it is the ones who can bounce back, and keep trying that are able to succeed in the end.  One of the most legendary baseball greats of all time, Babe Ruth, had more strikeouts than any other player in baseball.  But he also had the most homeruns.  If he had let all of the ‘failures’ he suffered detract him from trying to swing for the fences, he never would have been able to hit so many homeruns.

Modern science and positive psychology now confirm that optimists are more likely to be able to bounce back from failures, as they have the ability to see that one failure is only temporary and inevitable.  No one succeeds 100% of the time – not even the most successful people in the world.  In fact, they have probably failed more than most other people because they kept trying and kept trying new things which lead to their success.  The most successful CEO’s in the world didn’t succeed on their first business, many not even on their seventh.  But what makes someone great is the ability to keep trying and never give up.

When Winston Churchill first said these words, he said them because he realized that many people will let one success give them too much confidence, and some people will let one failure define them.  But the truth is that one’s persistence and ability to keep trying is what actually matters in the end.  He called this courage – and he is correct as it takes a lot of guts to be able to face one’s fear of failure.  It is not easy.  But when you start to believe that just because you failed once that doesn’t mean it will happen – great things are possible.  It is never too late to try again.

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