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Life Lessons on Happiness


If only we’d stop trying to be happy we could have a pretty good time.  ~Edith Wharton

This quote reminds me of how our society seems to be searching everywhere constantly for happiness.  And when we are not happy we seek outside things to make us happy quickly, whether they be pharmaceutical or retail or give us a distraction.  But I think what Edith Wharton is saying in this quote is that in the search for happiness, the implication is that we are not happy.

Happiness shouldn’t be a goal, even though it is intuitive to think about it in that way.  Because if you look at happiness as a goal, you automatically will feel like you are failing whenever you aren’t happy.  … Read the rest

Meaningless Quotes

cat in toilet

Life… is like a box of chocolates – a cheap, thoughtless, perfunctory gift that no one ever asks for, unreturnable because all you get back is another box of chocolates.  So, you’re stuck with mostly undefinable whipped mint crap, mindlessly wolfed down when there’s nothing else to eat while you’re watching the game.  Sure, once is a while you get a peanut butter cup or an English toffee but it’s gone too fast and the taste is fleeting.  In the end, you are left with nothing but broken bits filled with hardened jelly and teeth-shattering nuts, which, if you are desperate enough to eat, leaves nothing but an empty box of useless brown paper.  ~The X-Files

I couldn’t resist including this classic quote from the X-Files, a more cynical look at the meaning of life. … Read the rest

Best Laughter Quotes

laughter quotes

“The most thoroughly wasted of all days is that on which one has not laughed”
~ Nicolas de Chamfort

When I found this quote, I laughed out loud because I couldn’t imagine a more simple or true statement of real success.  If you go through an entire day without laughing, it is simply a waste of a day.  Life is something for which you should be grateful.  Every moment is precious and can be filled with so much joy if you let it be.

Of course bad things will happen to you in life.  They happen to every person.  But you have a choice.  You can let it defeat you and you can continue to be miserable, or you can laugh and bring joy back to yourself and those around you. … Read the rest

Funny Children Quotes

curmudgeonly kid

When children are doing nothing, they are doing mischief.
~Henry Fielding

If you know kids, you know this is the truth.  Kids are always exploring, very curious and always involved in mischief!  When you ask them ‘what are you up to?’ they always say nothing.  But a parent always knows that they are up to something.  The following funny children quotes are funny things that kids have said.

Melanie (age 5) asked her Granny how old she was. Granny replied she was so old she didn’t remember any more. Melanie said, ‘If you don’t remember you must look in the back of your panties. Mine say five to six.’

Jack (age 3) was watching his Mom breast-feeding his new baby sister.… Read the rest

Laugh at Yourself Quotes

laugh at self

“Never be afraid to laugh at yourself. After all, you could be missing out on the joke of the century.”

~ Dame Edna Everage

This hilarious quote is so true in your day to day life.  Whenever you take yourself too seriously, you are always missing out on the fun of life.  If you behave properly, orderly or professionally all the time, and never let yourself relax and be yourself outside of those roles, you are really missing out on what a joke life can be sometimes.

Think about the last time you really, really embarrassed yourself in public.  How did you react?  Did your face get red, and you made your exit as fast as you can or did you laugh hysterically and make a joke about yourself. … Read the rest