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Love Yourself Quotes

love yourself written on beach

“You, as much as anyone in the universe, deserve your love and respect.” – Buddha

This is one of my favourite quotes from the Buddha.  It speaks of loving and respecting yourself, which is sometimes quite hard to do!  This is not because you are an unlovable person or a person worthy of your own respect, but rather, because you have developed a habit of being hard on yourself.  Most people have this same habit.

It is easy to be hard on ourselves, and if we actually looked at it objectively, we say things to ourselves that we would never in a million years say to one of our friends.  (Even if it is slightly true!) But my point is that you won’t find fault with your friends as much as you would find it with yourself.… Read the rest

Attitude Quotes for Facebook

facebook being real

It’s just Facebook, I wish people would keep it real and stop frontin.
~ Unknown

This quote is so true.  I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve seen stuff on facebook that I know is not true!  It is so amusing when you see something on facebook that never happened or that you know is false.   And people will constantly update their profiles with every little thing that they do to make their life seem more awesome than it is.

People tend to have the tendency to write only the best things about their lives – which is a good thing, or else Facebook would be quite the downer.  But this gives you the impression that their lives are so much better than your life which is hardly true.… Read the rest

Be Happy with Yourself Quotes

Disney Land

The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.

Walt Disney

This is one of the most memorable quotes ever said by Walt Disney.  It is a very interesting quote as it seems to have a few different meanings.  He is talking about how, if you like yourself, and let your real self shine through, you won’t be like anyone else because you are unique.  People find it difficult to be themselves all the time.  Sometimes you think you are too strange, will say something stupid, or will wear something random.  You don’t trust yourself to be you, or maybe don’t feel comfortable enough to be yourself.  This is very common.  Almost everyone has a hard time just being themselves.… Read the rest