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“I honestly think it is better to be a failure at something you love than to be a success at something you hate.” ~ George Burns

Success over failureDoing something you love in life is an integral part of a happy life.  If you are really, really good at something, you might excel at it and become a huge success, but if that activity doesn’t make you happy or make you feel good then what is the point?  Sure, you will be successful – but to whose standards?  People might respect you, but if you don’t respect what you are doing, or have a passion for it then it is simply a waste of your time.

What if you are thinking, I don’t know what I love and I don’t hate doing what I am doing.  Then that is fine, it isn’t really what the quote is about.  The quote just applies if you are doing something that you really really hate simply because you want to be successful or perhaps want to make money from it.  But the money that you earn or success that you achieve will always be empty because of how much of a toll it took on your soul to do the work.

If you find that you are in this situation, where you feel like you hate whatever it is your doing – you should seriously consider trying something new.  It will be hard for you to give up the ‘success’ that you are having currently.  Maybe the money is a huge factor or maybe the respect of your peers but these reasons really don’t count when you are miserable.   So make a change as soon as you can.  Even by making some small changes initially, you may be better able to change perspectives or gain some context on your life.

Even if you follow your heart and have no success at all, but enjoy what you are doing every day, it really would be a better life.  So let go of your ego, of the success and of the respect of your peers and just be you!

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