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start now quote on paper“A year from now you will wish you had started today.” -Karen Lamb

This quote made me laugh the other day because I had been thinking about a project I had wanted to start and I thought, why didn’t I start that a year ago?  So, Lamb’s advice is to start that project today!  What have you been putting off?  We all have to-do lists that seem to never end, but I bet there is one thing that you have been procrastinating on for some reason and you know the task is important.

This is what Lamb is talking about.  It is not doing the dishes or remembering the laundry.  It is the thing that you know you want to do but aren’t starting it.  How I cope is not by saying to myself, I wish I’d done that a year ago, but saying, I’m going to start this today and not procrastinate about it anymore. It is so much easier to accomplish tasks when you stop fretting about them and just start doing them.  I find it often takes double the time in fretting as it does in just doing something.  The doing part is actually the easy part.  The hardest part is starting!

So try this this week.  Just start whatever you have been putting off.  You will save yourself so much mental clutter time by just doing it, and when this time next year rolls around, you will be like – I did that last year.  I am awesome!  Have you ever noticed that when you just start something,  all of a sudden it doesn’t seem like such a huge task to complete it?  This is true of all the things you are putting off, so my best advice is just START them!!!

And the bonus is, you never have to think about it again, or question why you haven’t done it.

Try it out!  You will actually save a lot of time in the long run.

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