Quotes on Change and Growth

stones on the shoreThe important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.” -Charles Dubois

This quote is so inspirational.  In life it is easy to identify yourself in a certain way.  You may see yourself as an artist, a good friend, a straight A student or in any number of other ways.  But it is important to not get so hung up in who you think you are and be ready to keep evolving and adapting.  Life is constantly in flux, and there are opportunities everywhere.  The best way to live your life is understanding that you must always be adapting.  You have to let go of what you are and reach out for what you could be.

Life is about choices, and if you are ready to make some hard choices in life – especially if you are ready to change some major things in your life, you can make so much improvement to your situation or even to yourself.  Even if you make a choice and it resulted in a negative outcome, you still made a choice, learned something from it and was able to grow through it.

If you live your life in this constant state of awareness and fluidity, the opportunities available to you will multiply and you will be able to be constantly evolving into the person that you were always meant to become.  Never stop growing in life.  No matter how far you have come, there is always so much further you can go!

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