Perfectionism Quote on Imperfection

Far Away skyline“Imperfection is not our personal problem – it is a natural part of existing”
Tara Brach

Tara Brach is an expert in Buddhist meditation as well as a psychologist from America.  In the past, she has used both interests to write a book about healing trauma through meditation and acceptance.  In this quote, she is referring to the natural human tendency to want to be perfect.  Each person has the inclination to be too hard on themselves, as well as see only their imperfection rather than all of their good qualities.  Sometimes, this drives people to try to change themselves or improve themselves as they believe they are not good enough.  Self improvement is a great tool to use throughout your life to enhance your life and the relationships that you have with those around you, however, if your goal is perfection – you will never succeed.

What Brach intends with this quote is that each person needs to accept that they are an imperfect being and will always be.  This may seem like a depressing thought at first, but remember – you are in good company.  No one is or has ever been perfect.  If you let yourself understand this fact, it may take off some of the pressure that you put on yourself to be that way.

Once you let go of this untrue thought, you are able to more fully live your life how you genuinely want to as well.  You don’t need to listen to other people in your life when they tell you what you ‘should’ be doing.  Only you can decide how you want to live your life as the imperfect and beautifully unique person you are.  It is an all too common misconception to think that you must be all things to all people and never make a mistake and be human – but the more you allow yourself to make mistakes and realize your fallibility – the more you will be able to grow into the person you want to be.

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