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Living life in Paris Landscape“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”
~Mae West

This is an amazing quote from Mae West, who was a moviestar, playwright and sex symbol during the golden age of Hollywood. She was known as a bawdy type of women at the time and pushed the boundaries of how a woman could act. She started her career as a circus and vaudeville performer in New York, before moving to Hollywood to pursue a career as an actress.

In this quote, she is referring to her own life, which was at the time portrayed as larger than life. She was a superstar, and was living exactly the life she wanted to be living, without regard for the social norms or roles at the time. She believed that people should live according to their own heart, and to always follow their hearts rather than rely on what other people said.

This sentiment still rings true today. It is so easy to be pulled in so many different directions – because of peer pressure or what society thinks you should do or what your friends think you should do. It is hard to try to live your life authentically, doing just what you want to do. But it is worth it in order to have a rich and full life.

It is always good advice to try something new, every day. It will keep you out of a rut, and keep you exploring and able to find out what makes you the most happy and fulfilled. While it is true you only live once, taking Ms West’s advice on living genuinely and extremely is easier said than done. Especially with all of the choices that we have in today’s society – but try to take on as many new opportunities as you can!

So live for the moment, and live for you! The only person who can tell you how to live your life is yourself, and whatever you choose to do – Have Fun!

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