Laugh at Yourself Quotes

laugh at self“Never be afraid to laugh at yourself. After all, you could be missing out on the joke of the century.”

~ Dame Edna Everage

This hilarious quote is so true in your day to day life.  Whenever you take yourself too seriously, you are always missing out on the fun of life.  If you behave properly, orderly or professionally all the time, and never let yourself relax and be yourself outside of those roles, you are really missing out on what a joke life can be sometimes.

Think about the last time you really, really embarrassed yourself in public.  How did you react?  Did your face get red, and you made your exit as fast as you can or did you laugh hysterically and make a joke about yourself.  One of these ways is so much easier to deal with than the other.  If you chose the first option, you probably still think about what a humiliating moment that was and never want to think about it again.  However, if you chose the second option, you have probably told that story to all your friends and family and had a really good laugh about it.  Which option is better?  Everyone does something embarrassing at some point or another, but it is how you react to it, rather than what has actually happened that is the important part.

Never, ever be afraid to laugh at yourself, no matter what a silly or embarrassing thing you’ve done.  Keep smiling about it! Even if you laugh at yourself about your own reactions to things or emotions, it will take the pressure off of everyday life.  And your friends and family will enjoy all of your hilarious stories about your humiliations that will keep them laughing for years to come.

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