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Dreaming painting“All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

This quote by Walt Disney is hugely accurate and very personal to him.  They are words that he had to learn the hard way.  Walt Disney wasn’t always a successful animator.  In fact, he struggled for years, and started many businesses that failed before becoming one of the most well known names in popular culture.  Even, after all of his many failures he was still able to pick himself up, dust himself off and try again.  This quote was said after so many personal failures, that you know it is absolutely true.

The hardest part of going after your dreams is not whether or not you fail, it is not being able to try in the first place because you are too afraid of failure.  And not even being able to try is the worst failure of all.  If you try and fail, you will get over it and probably learn something in the process.   If you never try, you never learn anything and you won’t even be able to say that you once did try at something after all is said and done.

Disney had the tenacity and perseverance to keep trying, and even despite the failures, to keep on trying over and over.  Eventually, as we know, he founded the Walt Disney company, and revolutionized the face of animation as well as children’s culture forever.  And could he have done it without so many failures behind him?  With all of the experience that that brought?  It is very rare that someone succeeds to that level without going through many, many ‘failures’ on the road of success.

When he said these words he was imploring all people to take the responsibility for their dreams and go for them, no matter how big or small.  The hardest part is not knowing if you will succeed but trying anyway.

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