Best Laughter Quotes

laughter quotes“The most thoroughly wasted of all days is that on which one has not laughed”
~ Nicolas de Chamfort

When I found this quote, I laughed out loud because I couldn’t imagine a more simple or true statement of real success.  If you go through an entire day without laughing, it is simply a waste of a day.  Life is something for which you should be grateful.  Every moment is precious and can be filled with so much joy if you let it be.

Of course bad things will happen to you in life.  They happen to every person.  But you have a choice.  You can let it defeat you and you can continue to be miserable, or you can laugh and bring joy back to yourself and those around you.  Sometimes you have to let go of the past and move on to be able to do this, but life is too short to always be dwelling in the past.

So check yourself.  Pay attention for the next few days to see if you have laughed each and every day, and if you haven’t it is time to start paying attention to what would bring you more joy and do it.  If you find you are too stressed out to laugh every day, than maybe it is time to join a yoga class.  If you don’t find that much to laugh about, maybe it is time to develop more of a sense of humor.  Watch terrible comedies and force yourself to laugh.  You will feel so much better.

Life is too precious to waste.  Make sure that you are living as joyfully as you can be!

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